This technique comes directly out of The Procrastination Equation, by Piers Steel.

It’s simple: by making time for leisure, it should help me control my impulsiveness (ie – it should help me avoid distractions).

My big vice is online TV.  So I am unscheduling my favorite shows, and allowing myself to watch them as I eat lunch.

  • Monday: The Amazing Race
  • Tuesday: United States of Tara
  • Wednesday: Parenthood (’till it’s over, then I can choose a new one)
  • Thursday: Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior
  • Friday: Community

There are more shows that I really like, and I will need to find a way to unschedule them too.  But I’m starting with these ones.

The other thing I have in my “unschedule” is my weekly social commitments.

  • Tuesday Evenings: A weekly dinner with a few friends.
  • Thursday Evenings: My sports team.

I’ll continue to add to this “unschedule”, but this is what I have for now.