Day 1 (Sunday) – Earned 1 point, for running outside (5k, as a walk-run).

Day 2 (Monday) – Earned nothing, ended up watching TV all day.

Changed the rules at the end of Monday, to add new points: 1 point for turning on Rescuetime’s distraction-blocker for the morning, and then another 2 points if I turn it on again in the afternoon.

Day 3 (Tuesday) – Earned 6.5 points total (3 for using Rescuetime in AM & PM; 1 for working on my paper <4hr; 0.5 for starting with organization).   I did a lot of “productive procrastination,” doing some housework and playing around with an idea that I have for a hobby.  Obviously, using rescuetime doesn’t automatically translate into getting work done on my paper.  But “productive procrastination” is better than watching TV online.

Day 4 (Wednesday) – So far I’ve earned 1.5 points: turning on Rescuetime in the morning and starting with organization. My goal for today is to earn the extra 2 points for rescuetime, and to earn the 5 points for 4 hours of work on my paper.   I really want to watch 2 hours of tv, and I think I’m going to let myself do that – but I’m really focusing my willpower to make it *only* the 2 shows, no more.  Unfortunately, that means I don’t get any points for avoiding tv.


This system is working for me.  I think it will take a little while for me to settle on a reward system, but that’s ok.  I am giving myself a week to adjust the system as needed, and then I will stick with it until I earn my first reward.  After each reward, I can tweak the system to better match my goals and abilities.