How did I do yesterday?

Woke up very late (11am)… because I had trouble sleeping.  Oops.
Chose to skip breakfast, as lunch is at noon.

First thing: Turned on RescueTime blocker for the AM (1 hr), and then did some daily planning in my agenda-book.
This earned my 1.5 points on my bribery scheme: 1 point for using RescueTime and 0.5 point for starting my day with organization activities including goal setting for the day.

Then until lunch: I worked on this blog, writing a review of the RescueTime software.

Lunch was a longer break: I watched my unscheduled tv show while eating lunch, and I also did a couple errands and some housework.  I also did my emailing, and checked my social networking sites (which are blocked during the rest of the day, so can only check at lunch and in the evening).

Afternoon: This started at about 2:30pm, after my longer lunch.  I turned on RescueTime for 240min (2 more points earned).  But I didn’t do any work on my paper, even though I had included it in my list of tasks for the day.
It was an afternoon of “productive procrastination” – I did many many tasks that were useful, but none as important as the task I was avoiding…

Evening: I had a sports practice unscheduled, which was great.

Later Evening: I ate dinner, with 1 serving of red wine.   I managed to get to sleep earlier than the night before, which is great because I was very worried that I had switched into the wrong timezone with my trouble sleeping the night before.  I think the exercise and red wine helped me get to sleep.

What did I think of the day?
Mixed feelings.  I really wish I’d gotten some work done on my paper (it would have earned me an extra 2 points) .
But at the same time, I did achieve some things: limiting my TV time, and using RescueTime…
The best thing is that I think my bribery scheme is helping me to create a routine for myself.  It’s just been a week, but already it’s becoming more automatic that my day starts with turning on RescueTime and then opening my agenda book for a big of daily planning.  Now I just need to get the paper writing included in this routine, and I’d be flying!

Total Points Earned: 5.5  (3 total for RescueTime, 0.5 for daily planning, 2 points for only watching 1 hour of TV.)