This post is intended to provide some structure to my blog.
It lists, and links to, all the different anti-procrastination strategies that I am attempting.

Overall Plan
My overall plan is simple: Keep trying, until I am in control of my life.
But it’s important, because it guides all my attempts to banish procrastination.

Establishing a Routine
Routines are important, apparently.

  • First I tried to build a routine, starting with a tiny doable routine.  But it didn’t work.
  • Next I drew up an “unschedule” to allow myself some leisure, but in a limited way.  This is still in use.
  • I’ve also created a big bribery scheme to motivate me to follow some basic routine activities.  This is going well.

Goal Setting
I actually enjoy doing the goal setting, my problem is with the follow-through…