I have a few projects that I need to finish.  Truthfully, I needed to have finished these projects a long time ago…
But these projects are still on my plate, as outstanding tasks, these are things that I need to work on now!

Project A – Writing
An academic paper that I should have finished a year ago, before I graduated from my master’s degree.  The data is collected and analysed, it’s just the write up that is still outstanding.
STATUS:  This is my current #1 priority, the thing that I’m most likely to work on.

Project B – Data
A data-based project that I need to complete: it’s partially done, but got bogged down by an ill-defined project scope.  This is the project that I avoid the most, it fills me with a sense of dread.
STATUS:  This is being ignored.  I have a bit of a self-pact to leave it alone until I finish my paper draft (project A).

Project C – Practical
A project idea that I have.  But it’s beyond my current skill set, so I need to teach myself some skills before I can really get it going.  So right now this project is all about learning: I want to work through a textbook.
STATUS:  Although I really value this project, it’s on the back-burner because it isn’t related to other people, so it isn’t overdue.   I work on this project very occasionally, but I’m not focused on it